What to expect with your HYALGAN® treatment

Benefits of Hyalgan

HYALGAN® injections give you long-lasting relief of osteoarthritis knee pain

  • HYALGAN® can provide long-lasting pain relief for up to 6 months1
  • HYALGAN® can be safely used for up to 30 months9
  • HYALGAN® is a safe choice1

The principal component of HYALGAN® is a naturally derived substance called hyaluronan that relieves your pain by lubricating and cushioning your knee joint. Hyaluronan is a natural chemical found in the body and is present in a particularly high amount in joint tissues and in the fluid that fills the joint (also called synovial fluid). HYALGAN® is injected directly into the knee.

HYALGAN® injections work differently than oral pain medications.

HYALGAN® does not pass through your bloodstream to work. Because HYALGAN® is injected directly into your knee, it does not cause stomach bleeding problems like some pain medications.

  • HYALGAN® does not interfere with any known medicines you may be taking for osteoarthritis or other conditions1
  • HYALGAN® has been shown to be safe for repeat treatment in a 30-month study9
  • Please consult with your doctor to see if HYALGAN® is right for you


Approximately 50 million injections have been given.